Food intolerance - Special formulas

(Children with food intolerance or any other disease that prevent digestion/food absorption, need special formulas to survive and these formulas are imported and very expensive. The Pregomin was withdrawn from the Brazilian market overnight (from the world market too according to the manufacture), without notice, putting children at risk! These children are hostages of their own illness and their own personal circumstances and do not deserve to be treated as "lab rats" having to be submitted to hospitalization, sudden change to other formulas, tests, pain and stress, all at once just because one company decided not to produce the medicine that most of them take for many years.)

quarta-feira, 19 de outubro de 2011

Estudos Publicados sobre Alergomed e Aminomed

Recentemente a CMW -  empresa que comercializa o Alergomed e o Aminomed no Brasil - me enviou um email informando que dois dos Estudos Científicos realizados no Brasil com o Alergomed foram aceitos como Tema livre e Poster of Distinction no Congresso Mundial do ESPGHAN - The European Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition  - que aconteceu em Sorento na Itália em maio de 2011.

A CMW também enviou duas monografias dos Estudos feitos com o Alergomed e com o Aminomed para comprovar a eficácia e a segurança dos produtos cujo conteúdo eu disponibilizo para o acesso de todos:

Monografia do Alergomed

Monografia do Aminomed